About Barkside Bistro



Karen has been a believer in a raw dog food diet since 1997. It wasn't being massed produced back then so the selection was very limited and the cost extremely high, which made the choice difficult at times.

One period in particular clarified the cost / benefit analysis. A beloved dog that had been on high end organic kibble for a time, was diagnosed with cancer. After treatment at the Ontario Veterinary College Guelph Small Animal Hospital, the prognosis was she had one more year. The dog was immediately switched from kibble to raw if for no other reason than for her to enjoy the best life possible for that year. How did she fare? She surprised all when she managed to live and thrive another healthy and happy three years. Diet related? It's difficult to prove, but it makes you wonder if it played a role and to what extent in her exceeding the anticipated life expectancy by such a significant amount of time.

Ever since, it has been back to raw for Karen's dogs.

And so it came to be, when the opportunity presented itself for Karen to get involved with Ann's business and vision in 2013, it was an easy decision because it satisfied so many areas of interest and importance to Karen with Ann’s experience and expertise.

Our Mantra

  • Catering to the pets that support us each and every day with unconditional love and a reality check of what's important in life with a source of nutrition that we believe is the right choice for their well-being.
  • Providing these essentials as affordably as possible so that they can be a financially feasible alternative.
  • Offering convenience based solutions to those of us that just run out of time to do a lot of running around.