The Raw Diet

Contrary to some commentary, a raw diet is not a fad. Before dogs were domesticated, all they ate were raw foods and continued eating raw or table scraps post domestication. Kibble only began being produced in the late 1800's. It became “a fad” and caught on because it was convenient. Canned dog food came about in the 1920's - another form of convenience.

As humans, we all know that there is more nutritional value in uncooked, unprocessed foods so we try and adopt this approach whenever and wherever possible for ourselves and our families. Why do we change that thinking when it comes to our pets?

After all, left to their own devices, raw is how your pet would feed themselves.

But please - do your own research on this subject to make sure raw food is the right choice for you. If it is, we welcome the opportunity to provide you with what we believe are some of the best products out there, conveniently and affordably.