Big Country: Rabbit -  Pure Formula 1 lb

Big Country: Rabbit - Pure Formula 1 lb

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Big Country Pure Rabbit: Can be offered as a single, lean protein choice. Suggested to serve in rotation with Duck, Lamb, Beef or Turkey. Excellent for pets with food related allergies.  Also suitable for cats.  Supplement with BCR Herring Oil. 

This product is frozen fresh. Thaw and serve raw.  Do not cook, and do not feed kibble while feeding a raw diet: bones will become brittle from cooking and could cause the dog to choke; kibble has a tendency to neutralize the ph level in your pet resulting in an opportunity for bacteria to develop, making your pet ill.  Clean bowls, utensils, and hands as you would when handling any raw meat product.

For Dog
Formulation Pure Formulas & Tripe
Key Ingredient Rabbit
Ingredients Whole Ground Rabbit including kidney & liver
Nutrient Value Calories: 161; Carbohydrates: 2.4%; Crude Fibre: 1.5%; Fat: 7.9%; Moisture: 71.9%; Protein: 13.9%; Ash: 2.4% Recipe Ratios: 70% Muscle Meat; 20% Ground Bone; 10% Organ Meats; 0% Fruit and Veg
Each Unit Lbs 1
# of Units 1
Total Weight Lbs 1
Constitution Frozen

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